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Mudr. Denisa Jasová, PhD.


  • 2000 – Degree in general medicine
  • 2003 – Specialist postgraduate certification: psychiatry
  • 2007 – Specialist competency: psychotherapy
  • 2011 – PhD in medical psychology and psychopathology

During my career, I have completed a number of specialized training courses in a variety of disciplines related to psychology and psychopathology. These include 5 years of systemic psychotherapy and, from 2006–2010, I studied Jungian psychotherapy. I have had some 400 hours of training in therapeutic body work, 200 hours in another body work training course (led by Jitka Vodňanská), and 1 year of training in psychotherapeutic and biodynamic massage.

In addition, I have completed training courses in hypnotherapy (level 1 and 2), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and mindfulness.


For many years, I have been working with patients with neurotic and psychotic disorders. Recently, I have been meeting an increasing number of “on-the-threshold” people, which includes individuals with a terminal illness, now having to confront the finiteness of their existence here, elderly people who are looking back upon their lives and looking to achieve closure, and also people who seek assistance in relation to their use of various substances and techniques for the altering of consciousness.

For all of my patients, I can offer crisis intervention, follow-up psychotherapeutic counselling and psychiatric care, as appropriate.


Both long-term cooperation and short-term crisis interventions are possible.


900 CZK per 50-minute session. Cash payments only.



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