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Can you become addicted to ketamine?

To become addictive, ketamine would have to be used regularly, practically on an everyday basis, over a very long period of time. A nasal spray containing esketamine, which has been approved for the treatment of depression, is administered twice weekly and no risk of addiction has been described. At our clinic, ketamine is given in higher doses than those administered in the nasal spray; however, we only administer a single dose within a controlled framework in combination with psychotherapy. In the case of repeated administration, we keep the interval of at least one week between sessions. One-time administration of ketamine in much higher doses has been clinically used to induce general anaesthesia, particularly in children, for 40 years.

Experience from abroad clearly indicates that when administered within such a therapeutic framework as KAP (with ketamine being one component a broader treatment program), there have been no observable risks of the clients feeling a need to abuse the substance after the completion of the treatment.

What dose of ketamine is used in KAP? How do I receive the dose?

We administer 200–300 mg in the form of a Calypsol solution, an approved pharmaceutical.

Even though Calypsol is primarily approved for use as a general anaesthetic, it is also used for the treatment of depression throughout world in what is called an “off-label” indication, i.e. a common and legal practice in medicine in which a medicine is used to treat conditions for which it has not been otherwise officially approved.

Can ketamine be combined with my current medication?

All tapering and/or discontinuation of any current medications is performed in consultation with the experienced medical doctors of our outpatient clinic.

Most antidepressants can be discontinued one day prior to the ketamine session and you can continue using them on the day following the session.

How much does KAP cost? Why this much?

The price for the KAP procedure is 19,000 CZK when working with one therapist, and 26,000 CZK when working with two therapists.

The all-inclusive price includes the costs for all elements of the treatment package. This includes a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, standard physiological examination by a medical doctor, and 9 hours of individual psychotherapy. The price is, therefore, largely made up of the costs for the psychotherapeutic services at a rate of 1000 CZK/hour and other necessary overhead costs. The price of ketamine per se is inconsequential.

How long does KAP take?

Prior to the start of the actual KAP treatment, we need to determine whether KAP is an advisable treatment option for you. To do this, prospective clients undergo both a psychiatric and physiological exam, which includes blood tests.

If KAP has been indicated for you (i.e. there are no obvious factors found that would preclude offering you this treatment), the entire KAP treatment procedure itself takes approximately two weeks. This includes therapy sessions as well as the ketamine session.

How is the KAP procedure organized?

KAP typically consists of 5 sessions. These include two 90-minute preparatory sessions, one 4-hour ketamine session and two subsequent 50-minute integration sessions.

The sessions are scheduled for specific dates and times. On the day of the ketamine session, we recommend taking the entire day off.

Why is it required to be in psychotherapy for KAP?

Ketamine cannot be an effective treatment when administered on its own. It can only be effective when backed up by psychotherapy. While some basic therapeutic components are part of the KAP procedure, it is important for clients to also be working with their own individual therapist on a longer-term basis.

If the client does not have a therapist, we recommend postponing the KAP procedure until they start working with one. For help on finding a therapist, you can also visit our webpage

Before initiating KAP, you will be required to provide your therapist’s contact information in the declaration and informed consent form.

Is KAP covered by medical insurance?

Psyon is in ongoing discussions with health insurance companies in an effort to reduce KAP out-of-pocket costs significantly for their clients. Currently, we are contracted partners of the ZP Škoda and VOZP insurance companies. The clients of other insurance companies need to cover the full price of KAP on their own.

We hope to be able to offer partial coverage for KAP by other insurance companies in the near future. As soon as we acquire contracts with additional insurance companies, we will publish the related out-of-pocket prices for the KAP package on our website.