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Psychedelics on the N.Y. Times front page
“Dr. Doblin’s quest to win mainstream acceptance of psychedelics took a significant leap forward on Monday when the journal Nature Medicine published the results of his lab’s study on MDMA,
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Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy available for the first time in Central Europe!
Prague, 11 January 2021 In the recent years, there has been a growing amount of scientific evidence pointing to the remarkable potential of psychedelic substances in the treatment of mental
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If you are interested in psychedelics, you probably heard the news that the Canadian Mindmed recently closed $24 Million Ahead of IPO and Field Trip Psychedelics raised $8.5M in Series
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Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy available for the first time in Czechia
Psyon is now the first clinic in Europe to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP). This treatment is currently available only for patients diagnosed with depression.
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Online counselling at Psyon
Like other psychological and psychotherapeutic providers, we offer online counselling at this coronavirus situation. We offer counselling in Czech, English, Spanish and Italian. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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We Are Open! The Psyon Psychedelic Clinic Has Opened in Prague – A Project of Leading Researchers and Experienced Therapists.
Prague, 13 January 2020 The Psyon Psychedelic Clinic is a psychotherapy-oriented centre that focuses on psychotherapy and the use of psychedelic substances. Looking forward, Psyon anticipates changes to the current
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Sublease of Shared Therapy Rooms
We are looking for additional tenants for our shared consulting rooms! We want to welcome into our clinic’s consulting rooms new colleagues who may be involved in psychotherapy, therapeutic bodywork,
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Sublease of Shared Therapy Space
We are looking for tenants for a shared psychotherapy room! We will be happy to welcome among us another colleague who shares our open-minded attitude to mental health care. Although
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