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Information for professionals

In accordance with the applicable law, Psyon, as a non-state healthcare facility, offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), which has gained remarkable empirical support in numerous clinical trials conducted over the last 20 years. KAP has proven to be a particularly effective treatment option for depressive disorders. Moreover, in the recent years, the indications for ketamine treatment have also come to include anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

Due to its pharmacological properties, ketamine has a relatively high success rate in providing rapid-onset relief from depressive symptoms, which lasts for an average of 5 days. When administered in a safe environment with professional support, ketamine can help facilitate the psychotherapeutic process, which, in turn, can significantly extend the duration of ketamine’s antidepressant effects. This so-called “facilitated psychotherapy” may help the clients gain perspective on their emotional, cognitive and behavioural patterns and assist them in shaping these patterns towards lasting adaptive change. Long-term effectiveness is the main advantage of KAP over mere administration of subanaesthetic doses of ketamine, which only results in a temporary antidepressant effect, lasting typically less than a week.

An initial psychiatric examination by a psychiatrist from our team is conducted prior to the initiation of treatment. If KAP is indicated, the prospective client undergoes a physiological examination focused on ruling out cardiac and pulmonary illness.

The basic model of our KAP includes 2 preparation sessions (1,5 hours each), 1 ketamine session including off-label administration of an oral subanaesthetic dose of ketamine (3 hours), and 2 integration sessions (50 min each). Where appropriate, the treatment can be extended by providing additional ketamine administrations and integration sessions. Fully trained staff is present the whole time – there is always at least 1 therapist, (at least one physician or psychologist). A physician is always present during the administration of ketamine and for as long as the effects take place.

KAP is indicated for the treatment of depressive syndromes associated with various diagnoses, anxiety disorders (social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD) and eating disorders in patients aged 18 and older motivated for psychotherapeutic cooperation. Main psychiatric contraindications include psychotic disorders, family history of continuous or relapsing psychotic disorders, currently active addiction, risk of suicidality, and serious personality disorders. Other contraindications include severe medical conditions (particularly cardiovascular or hepatic), pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, acute infection, allergy to ketamine, and current use of medications that interact with ketamine. We are happy to provide a detailed information sheet – please email us at