About the clinic

Our Mission

To introduce psychedelic-assisted therapy
as a commonly available treatment option. In a safe, professional and kind way.

Psyon is part of the worldwide renaissance of psychedelic research and it offers high-quality standard as well as progressive approaches to mental health care. Our approach is based on three main pillars - psychedelic-assisted therapy, standard psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care, education and research


Psychedelic-assisted therapy

We are the first health care facility in Europe to offer psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in full compliance with the legislative framework. This follows a worldwide increase in the interest of the professional community in the therapeutic use of psychedelics. We currently offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for self-payers as well as for the clients of contracted insurance companies.

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Ketamine therapy


Standard psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care

Diversity of care and respect for well-established, well-functioning therapies is inherent in our approach. Therefore, we offer standard care in psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychotherapy. In line with our expertise, we also focus on psychological help for complications and difficulties that have developed in connection with previous unprofessional use of psychedelic substances.

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Outpatient psychiatry clinic Psychotherapy Integration of psychedelic experiences


Education and research

Due to the current renaissance of psychedelic therapy and research, the need for qualified personnel is increasing significantly. We will, therefore, soon start offering training in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and courses involving theory as well as practice. The members of our team have completed a number of international certified training courses and are involved in innovative research on psychedelics, so they are more than familiar with the most recent clinical and scientific findings in the field.

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Clinical Trials For professionals Education

Our Values

and professionalism

Kind, client-oriented

Trust and safety


The Psyon Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists and researchers in the fields of mental health. Many of our therapists have completed unique internationally certified training to ensure their work meets the highest standards. We have many years of experience in research and clinical practice, publish articles in scientific journals, speak at conferences, and some of us teach university courses. With us, you are in the best hands.

Our mentors
please meet

We respect and honour previous generations of pioneering professionals who helped to pave the way for what we do. These are our mentors, people who have had significant influence on the way we work and whose legacy has helped us find and hold a steady course.

William A. Richards, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Researcher

Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins University, author of "Sacred Knowledge".

Marcela Ot'alora G., MA LPC
Therapist and Lecturer

Head of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) clinical supervisor and trainer.

Bruce D. Poulter, MPH
Therapist and Researcher

MAPS clinical supervisor and trainer, researcher.

Psychedelic Renaissance is in Full Swing

We are not alone in this

Global trend meets ancient traditions

We are part of a worldwide renaissance in the treatment of mental illness with psychedelics. Certain psychedelics have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, e.g. in the Amazon and North America.

Meaningful and legal use in medicine

Research from around the world strongly indicates that the treatment is effective. In the USA or Australia, the legalisation of the medical use of psilocybin and other substances such as MDMA is expected to come about soon. These forms of treatment have been referred to as “breakthrough treatment” several times.

New facilities keep popping up

In the USA there are currently more than 300 professional facilities providing ketamine treatment. In Europe there are more than ten and the number continues to grow.

Clinic History

  1. 2014

    Psychedelic renaissance

    A group of researchers including Jiří Horáček and Tomáš Páleníček revives the field of psychedelic research on humans at the Czech National Institute of Mental Health (NÚDZ), roughly 40 years after the ban was imposed on such psychedelic research in the former Czechoslovakia.

  2. 2018

    First vision of Psyon

    Stanislav Milotinský and Filip Tylš came up with the idea of establishing a psychedelic clinic. This happens during their training in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), USA.

  3. 2019


    The company Psychedelic Clinic, s.r.o. is set up. Miton investment group comes into play.

  4. 2020

    Start of operation

    A therapeutic centre in Bílá Hora, Prague starts its operation under the name Psyon – Psychedelic Clinic, offering traditional psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services including a focus on integrating the psychedelic experience.

  5. 2020

    Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy

    We start offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of depression.

  6. 2021

    We become contractual partners of insurance companies

    The Czech Republic becomes a pioneer! Health insurance companies agree to partially cover ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and our other services. From 2022, this includes the biggest Czech health insurer – VZP.

  7. 2022

    New indications

    After success in the treatment of depression, other indications are added, including anxiety disorders, OCD, eating disorders and PTSD.

  8. 2023

    We are expanding!

    The interest in the treatment we provide has been increasing, so we are expanding. You can now find us in two adjacent buildings.

Partner insurers
and professional organisations

We are proud partners of insurance companies
We work with the best

clients have already
undergone treatment


„I understand the meaning of what I saw, and now I can connect it to what troubled me.”

Julia Holaňová

„I felt that a change had been set in motion. I learned to let go of things and go with the flow.”


We provide
services in the following areas

Clients of our partnered insurance providers will receive partial coverage for our services:

VZP | 111
VOZP | 201
ZPŠ | 209
ČPZP | 205
ZPMVČR | 211
OZP | 207
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