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Psychedelics is a term used to refer to a highly specific group of psychoactive substances that induce expanded states of consciousness and can have a significant long-term impact on the experiencing of emotions and psychological functioning. These substances act as non-specific amplifiers of psychological processes and thus can be useful in the therapeutic process with respect to various types of mental illness.

Psyon is committed to helping improve society’s awareness of psychedelics in cooperation with the Czech Psychedelic Society (CZEPS) and the Foundation for Psychedelic Science (PSYRES). Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) is an innovative approach to mental healthcare and the evidence of its effectiveness is continuing to grow. Moreover, one of its types – ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) – has already been well-established as an effective therapeutic modality. Psyon is a pioneering project in the field of PAP in the Czech Republic and even in the European context.


This approach involves the use of psychedelic substances, which, where appropriate, facilitate the psychotherapeutic process. Psychotherapy remains to be the framework and essence of the treatment. In further support of its promise and significance in psychiatric medicine, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted substance-assisted psychotherapy (with MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder and psilocybin for depression) the status of a “breakthrough therapy”, which is used to expedite the development of drugs and therapies if preliminary clinical evidence indicates that they may offer substantial advantage over existing options. We believe that PAP may become an important aspect of mental healthcare, even where other therapies may fail. Our goal is to provide PAP to clients as soon as it is legally available. Currently we offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.