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Psychotherapeutic services

We provide psychotherapeutic counselling covering a broad spectrum of situations and difficulties that people can encounter in their lives. Our therapists employ an extensive range of psychotherapeutic styles and approaches in order to provide effective help to people dealing with psychological issues, psychosomatic conditions, relationship problems, as well as assistance in personal development.

We put emphasis on humanity, openness to experience, and respect for each individual’s world view. This is why we work with professionals who use various methods and approaches and come from diverse backgrounds. We are proud that many of our therapists have completed prestigious international training courses on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Other essential aspects of our work are continued education and regular supervision sessions including therapist self-care.

We specialize in professional guidance and support with respect to the integration of psychedelic experiences. The point of such integration is not only to mitigate or prevent unwanted complications associated with the use of psychedelics (or other expanded states of consciousness) but also to help the clients capitalize on the transformational potential of these experiences in their personal development.

Please see the individual therapist’s profiles below for more information including details about the way they work, their specialities and professional backgrounds. Each profile includes contact information.

If your difficulties are of an urgent nature requiring an immediate response, please email us at We will get back to you as quickly as possible with the contact information of therapists who can assist you on short notice.

Currently, all of our psychotherapeutic counselling has to be privately paid for by our clients. Within the Czech legal framework of medical care, it is not considered a medical service. Looking forward, we hope to be able to implement special plans for clients with social and economic disadvantages. We are also working to have the clinic’s services paid for directly by the health insurance companies in the future.

The rates for 50 minutes of psychotherapeutic counselling generally range between 700 and 1000 CZK, based on the individual therapist’s charges.

If you cannot afford therapy in the price range quoted above, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate.