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Ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT)

We provide ketamine-assisted therapy tailored to each client’s individual needs. This innovative treatment combines the rapid antidepressant, anxiolytic and psychedelic effects of ketamine with psychotherapy in order to maximize their respective benefits in the treatment of mental illness. We currently focus on depressive, anxiety and eating disorders, as ketamine-assisted therapy appears to be particularly effective in patients who fail to respond to other treatment options.

Psychotherapeutic counselling

We also provide standard psychotherapeutic counselling covering a broad spectrum of situations and difficulties that people can encounter in their lives. Our approach to therapy is consistently non-dogmatic – our therapists select the most appropriate method and technique based on the client’s individual needs. We believe that even negative experiences can often help with one’s personal development and facilitate a deeper insight into the world and into one’s self.

Our therapists and psychotherapeutic counselling

Outpatient psychiatry clinic

Psyon offers standard diagnostic procedures and long-term outpatient care. Our primary focus is on patients with anxious and depressive symptoms; however, we also accept those with other diagnoses. Our outpatient psychiatry team consists of young psychiatrists with a positive attitude towards psychedelic-assisted therapy. Many of our specialists are also trained in psychotherapy and, besides standard clinical psychiatric services, they also offer psychotherapeutic interventions. 

More about the outpatient clinic

Integration of psychedelic experiences

We provide psychological help for complications and issues that may have arisen out of previous use of psychedelic substances. The goal of such integration is not only to mitigate or prevent unwanted complications associated with the use of psychedelics but also to help the clients capitalize on the transformational potential of these experiences in their personal development.

Our therapists and integration

Education on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

Since psychedelic research and therapy are now going through a worldwide re-awakening, we are seeing and expect to see an increasing demand for specially trained experts. Unfortunately, standard education does not provide the knowledge and skills required for PAP, which may constitute many challenges for the implementation of this treatment option into common practice, limiting its availability and quality. This is why we aim to set a high standard. In the near future we plan to offer courses on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy including practical as well as theoretical training.