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We focus on psychological help for complications and difficulties that have developed in connection with previous use of psychedelic substances. Our goal is not only to eliminate the difficulties, but also to support the possibility of their transformative potential in personal growth.

For clients insured by General Health Insurance Company (VZP), ZP Skoda and Military Health Insurance (VoZP), the service is fully covered by insurance.

Price: 900 CZK/hour; insurance (111, 201, 209)

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If you are interested in long-term therapy or consultations and you are a client of General Health Insurance Company (VZP), Health Insurance Company Skoda (ZPŠ) or Military Health Insurance Company (VoZP), we offer you psychotherapy fully covered by your health insurance.

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If you have other health insurance, please contact one of our recommended therapists. The list includes members of our team providing individual sessions as well as professionals from affiliated services. In this case, long-term psychotherapy is not a medical procedure and its cost is based on the rate of the particular therapist.